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How To Turn 6 Awkward Moments Into 6 Uplifting Moments

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um-121813-emailDuring this time of year when we’re completing our list of what needs to be done for the holidays, family visits, and year-end strategies, it’s easy to slip into an awkward moment.

Here are six I’ve noticed!

  1. You rush into saying yes when you really meant to say no. Now you’re stuck with a commitment you don’t want to keep. Awkward!
  2. You hired someone and they’re not working out. It’s the holidays, but you still need to terminate their employment. Awkward!
  3. People ask you questions you don’t want to answer. They know you’re holding back information that’s really none of their business. Awkward!
  4. You tell your boss your great idea, and he shoots it down with facts and figures. You feel stupid because you didn’t think through possible objections. Awkward!
  5. You give someone feedback and they go ballistic. You vow never to talk to this person again, but you see them everyday. Awkward!
  6. You’re speaking, and someone interrupts you, and then takes over the conversation. You slowly boil, wait till they stop speaking, and try to take the conversation back, but everyone has moved on to another topic. Awkward!

The best way to understand awkward is to understand it’s opposite … skillful.

Use the times you feel clumsy in words or action to pause. It will give you time to think on your feet, the earmark of a skillful person.

It will also give you time to think kind thoughts. With a kind thought you create opportunities to be uplifting with others, and the situation itself. Here’s how. read more

The Possibility Pause

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um-121313-emailI was running along a path at the beach, and my phone went off nine times in nine minutes. I’m not kidding … calls, texts and emails. This is not an unusual circumstance!

I’ve developed the ability to run and look at my phone at the same time. I answered a call, sent some texts, and even some emails. I had to pause my run for the emails and walk for the texts, but right after picked up my pace refreshed by the moment of rest.

It’s the busiest time of the year for the business I’m in. Would I choose to run or not to run, that was the question. Then I noticed the mental game of “should I or shouldn’t I” that throws a decision to less fulfilling options, and decided fulfillment doesn’t need to be put on hold just because of the holidays. read more