The ideas and practices of one-now are a distillation of what we have learned in over 25 years of inquiry into the subject of fulfillment, both as a way of being (the journey) and as the achievement of goals (the destination). The insights one-now offers come from our work with organizations and programs we developed through Empowerment Technology Corporation (ETC).

In 1981 we created ETC, providing programs and processes dedicated to changing the way people on the job communicate, get things done, build effective teams and increase their personal effectiveness. In 1983, through an alliance with community and spiritual leaders, we designed a commitment-based program called On Course: A Journey Home.  On Course would become a living laboratory, a place to end stories that limit and confine us and awaken the true calling of the heart. Week after week we held up the promise of freedom from regret; and people from every kind of circumstance took up the challenge. Each person’s situation was unique, yet every person we met had similar desires—a desire to be happy, free from fear, and to create a life worth living. The advantage of the group process both with individuals and organizations was to uncover, through careful observation, how we make up many of our limitations, and how essential it is to let them fall away if we are to live a fulfilled life.

In 1996 our good friend, Wally Arnold, a seasoned entrepreneur and graduate of On Course, invited us to bring our training ideas and practices to create a new company dedicated to living by candlelight. This idea became a national lifestyle brand called Illuminations. What we gained was invaluable. Our path over the years was filled with obstacles, setbacks and miracles. We had to meet the problems head on without losing our organizing vision: to create a culture of fulfillment for our associates and to illuminate the lives and homes of our millions of customers. We learned to never give up and continued to navigate a course that ultimately led to a successful conclusion: an international manufacturing and retail chain acquired the company.

In the pause that followed a new vision was born, revealing the contribution we’re here to make now. We can see what guided us from the beginning with new insights. We have learned what it takes to inspire others to live their original promise, and to risk being fulfilled today rather than waiting for conditions to change. The power to change awakens when you have the courage to envision what’s possible. The guiding principles that seem to make the most difference are connection, ending what separates us from our vision and each other, and presence, understanding that the only moment we can act is now. We call these guiding principles one-now.