img-paulettePaulette Sun Davis is the CEO of one-now, a division of Empowerment Technology Corporation.

Paulette has worked with thousands of people as a trainer, coach, and President of a national retail brand. In her work she has consistently demonstrated how to embrace change, create a culture of fulfillment, and never give up. She asserts that the power to change awakens when you have the courage to envision what’s possible.

She teaches the guiding principles of connection—ending the limiting stories that separate you from fulfillment, and presence—understanding that the only moment you can act is now. She calls these guiding principles one-now.

Her book, The Promise of Fulfillment, reveals practices that will change how you think about what’s possible, and propel you into action now.

She writes a blog called Uplifting Moments.

Paulette currently serves as the Chief Administrative Officer of Popcornopolis in El Segundo, CA.


In 1981 Paulette co-founded Empowerment Technology Corporation, providing programs to increase personal fulfillment.

In 1983, through an alliance with community and spiritual leaders, she co-designed a visionary program called On Course.  On Course became a living laboratory, a place for participants to end any limiting stories, and focus on what was possible now.

Week after week she held up the promise of fulfillment, and people from every circumstance took up the challenge. Each person’s situation was unique, yet every person had similar goals—happiness, freedom from fear, and the willingness to create a life worth living. They discovered that fulfillment wasn’t in what they could have done yesterday or what they would do tomorrow.

Fulfillment is in the action you take right now.

The advantage of the group processes both with individuals and organizations was to uncover how people make up many of their limitations, and how essential it is to let them fall away to produce remarkable results, and live a fulfilled life.

In 1996 Paulette joined a team to create a new company dedicated to living by candlelight. This idea became a national lifestyle brand called Illuminations that was acquired by The Yankee Candle Company, an international manufacturing and retail chain in 2006. She was president of the Illuminations Division of The Yankee Candle Company.

In 2010 Paulette began her work with Popcornopolis LLC where she currently serves as a member of the executive team at this multi channel international manufacturer and retailer of popcorn.

img-michaelMichael Davis is an urban mystic. He loves the buzz of ideas and people, yet is equally at home in nature when no one else is around.  He says, “My urban nature keeps me up on trends and advancements in areas I love like health and well-being, music, and technology. The mystic in me is in awe of the world I find myself in, and what lies beyond it.”

His insights have come from his studies in music, yoga, meditation, as well as his entrepreneurial ventures into business and consulting.

In 1979 he co-founded Human Factors, a consulting firm specializing in the dynamics of leadership. A few years later, he created Empowerment Technology Corporation (ETC), with his wife Paulette, which teaches commitment-based training to individuals and companies. Programs like On Course for adults, Step Into the Future for teens, and the Advanced Leadership Academy for transformational leaders, have graduated thousands of students across the US and Canada.

In 1996, he helped to create a high-end candle store called Illuminations, with Wally Arnold, a lifelong friend. As VP of Training, he trained managers from the over 80 stores in the chain. After selling the company to Yankee Candle, he retired to write and enjoy life.

one-now is his latest creation. As a part of ETC, it takes accomplishment to new levels. It was born out of the observation that, for so many people, accomplishment comes at the expense of personal fulfillment. The two principles, one (connection) and now (presence), when practiced daily, become a way of being in the world.

He says this about one-now.
“I once heard that your personal manifesto, the one most important to you and from which all your actions spring, should be so simple that you could remember it hanging from the ledge of a thousand foot cliff, or in the midst of being taken to task in front of your peers, and especially what you would like to remember just before your last breath.

I chose, after careful distillation and long consideration, that what I want to live by, and be remembered for, is found in the simple declaration of two words, one and now, not as two separate ideas, but as a single principle that works in tandem like this: one-now.”

Michael is a writer and speaker, and the creative force behind one-now. Some of the subjects he writes and speaks about include: living an accountable life, waking up from the cultural trance, alignment of thoughts and actions, developing a spiritual practice, and awakening personal fulfillment. He brings simple insights to recurring problems, and offers practices that clear the mind and free up the energies in the body.

img-nicoleNicole Mercolino’s interest in awakening personal fulfillment was born out of her work with ETC and On Course. In 1987 she became an integral part of the ETC team that based its trainings on the idea that authentic and honest communication was essential to creating and sustaining a successful life, both personally and professionally.

After college, she brought these principals into a new career within the design and entertainment field that eventually lead to being a part of one of the fastest growing industries in technology. As VP of a highly respected design and production agency, her approach to growing and managing business operations produced unprecedented results. Over the last ten years she has had the honor of working with great marketing, branding and technology minds at leading edge companies like Apple, Paramount Pictures, and HBO. Now Nicole returns to ETC, and to her original promise of coaching fulfillment so individuals and organizations can operate at their peak and be fulfilled in the process. She brings the practice of one-now into her coaching work with individuals and teams, to improve performance, problem solving and communication.