The practice of one-now is a fundamental shift in awareness, in which you move from separation to connection (ONE), and from the future or past to the present (NOW). Separation takes many forms, but at the most fundamental level a belief in separation sees the world out there as divided from the world in here. The practice of connection shapes your ability to be accountable, deal effectively with change, and tell the truth with compassion.

Living in the future or past, although seductive at times, is never as real or powerful as the experience of engaging in this moment, just as it is. Not being present can manifest as being distracted, overwhelmed, and stressed or spending your time on unimportant activities. It can keep you anchored in the past, preventing forgiveness, letting go and learning from mistakes.

The practice of connection and presence focuses your attention on what brings you fulfillment and allows the past to heal. If this rings true you are already waking up from the trance of separation. You’ll know it because you stop waiting for some future event to renew your life and realize that it starts with you right now.

The practice of one-now is much like the practice of learning a new game or skill you want to master. In this practice your skill improves each time you think, speak and act from connection, rather than separation. Your skill deepens when you live in this moment, not in a fantasy about the future or as a victim of the past. This is easy when life matches your expectations, and more challenging when it doesn’t. Finding connection in the midst of conflict, or presence in the middle of commitments develops an ability to stay focused on what is before you, with balance and equanimity. Over time you will find it brings higher quality results to your actions, and far less cleaning up to do after the fact.

one-now is an operating state of mind and heart. It is a lifelong practice. One of the great benefits is a deeper sense of fulfillment in your thoughts, conversations, actions, and relationships. The result? You are free to be fully who you are and to create what is most important to you.