Awakening Breath

prod-cd_coverAwakening Breath,
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The breath is subtle, belonging to an ancient, intelligent energy system that nourishes and sustains you—even when you are unaware of it.

Because the act of breathing is always now, and here, when you withdraw your scattered concerns of the past and future, and focus on the inflow and outflow of breath, the unfolding present opens to you in a new way. And soon you will see how to ride your breath, into the unexplored areas of your body and mind.

  1. Introduction to Breath Practice
  2. Awareness Practice
  3. Body Awareness & Body Alignment
  4. Counting the Breaths
  5. Three Part Breath
  6. Counting the Breaths (Background only)
  7. Three Part Breath (Background only)


Suspending Reaction
guidedOne of the most potent moments is the moment between thought and action. Listen to this self-guided practice and learn to observe your reactions at their source.


Coming Present
becoming_presentThe act of breathing is always now, and here. This practice teaches you to focus on the inflow and outflow of breath for the joyful experience of the unfolding present.