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Valentine Couple in love showing Heart with their fingers. LoveI’ve worked for more than half my life. I can see when people love their work.  They bring an ability to solve any problem. They plan for the unexpected by leaning in to problems and asking questions. They don’t fear information or contrary ideas.

Others love to be around them. They inspire with their unstoppable ability to create a new path.

They are not afraid of obstacles or conflict.
Over the years I’ve observed countless conflicts. Conflicts based on differences of values, styles, and expectations. I’ve observed conflicts that have the potential to sink a business or a relationship.

What I have also observed is how these conflicts resolve when one person brings love to the table. Love, not fear … they may not love the person because so many of us have love confused with an emotion. But they love the game, and they have compassion for each other.

I can’t define love, but I know it’s operating when I look into the eyes of another and see myself looking back. When I move from why is this happening to I’ll fix the problem now, and discover the root cause in time, something moves. Whether it moves an inch or a mile, I evolve. Root cause analysis tells me how I created the problem exactly the way it showed up, and how not to repeat it. I learn and grow from each experience. I see patterns, context, and how you move mountains.

I have a dear friend who is struggling at work. He thinks everyone is against him. There is some truth in the matter. It hasn’t been easy. Every time he thinks he’s making progress he gets feedback that makes his ideas or methods wrong. He could quit. Say it’s not a fit. It makes me wonder. Do we create the fit or are we at the effect of what already is. I take the case that I create the fit. That idea puts me in action to make things happen. He can still leave his job, but he’d leave as a creator instead of a victim.

As a creator you are bigger than the problem.

The only way I’ve figured out so far to be bigger than the problem is to love it!

You include it, become it, see the root cause of it, and let it resolve.

How do you include what’s hard, opposing, and challenging? Bring love. Love is not simply a feeling; it’s a way of being that’s open to see beyond entrenched points of view, especially your own. How do you see beyond that? You recognize that you have entrenched points of view! You do! I do!

Love brings awareness to your beliefs and values, and you begin to understand that they’re your beliefs and values. Then a miracle happens. Space.  The space to consider that others may have different, perhaps even opposing beliefs and values. Then you see beliefs for what they are: ideas about how life, work, relationships, and the pursuit of happiness SHOULD work. Let the battle of should’s end and instead:

  • Listen
  • Step into each other’s shoes
  • Never give up
  • See what’s possible
  • Plan for success
  • And be happy

Make a little room for love this week and see what happens.

My love goes with you as you work with this Uplifting Idea.

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