Calling All Angels

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um-122212-emailWelcome to the first day, after the last day on earth. For some who believe in prophesies, or better yet interpretations of prophesies, yesterday may have been the day they gave away their car to the next stranger who walked by, because they believed they wouldn’t be needing it.

At work yesterday several people noted cheerfully that we’re all still here! On my drive back to Santa Barbara last night, the news reported that some experts are saying the date was wrong. The newscaster said some say it could be Sunday and others put the date sometime next year.

Fact or fiction?

I have to confess I love reading fiction. Great storytelling gives me a way of looking at life from a new angle.

Mysteries are my favorite. Sinking into a comfortable chair I suspend reality and live in the world the author creates. When a compelling story winds its way to the end, I’m just a little sad that it’s over, and hope for a sequel that will tell me how the characters and story evolve.

Michael, my husband and the love of my life for over 30 years, has recently finished a book of fiction called Angel Seed. He said that after several years of trying to write the next great “how to live your truth” book he discovered that fiction was more fun, with less rules.

Coincidentally his book is set in the jungles of Guatemala; where Mayans (perhaps unwittingly) began the most current prophesy of the end of the world. Two opposing forces clash there: science and religion. Thrown into the mix are an archeologist and a mystic who discover seeds left by angels at the dawn of time and a compass carved by Jesus that takes the bearer to a state of mind called the Third State.

Good fiction leaves me with questions. Angel Seed left me wondering about the seeds that I plant every day, and pondering the next evolutionary leap for the human race. What are we evolving into, and how do we evolve to a higher path? Are we angels in the making, and if we are, even if it’s only fiction, what could we do differently with our lives and our relationships?

I recommend Angel Seed. It’s a spiritual mystery, written with intelligence and love, and it will leave you wondering what’s out there.

If you want to order a digital copy of the book, it’s only $4.99, go to Amazon Kindle or Apple iBooks.

Have fun this week and read something that inspires your musings about what’s possible.

My love goes with you as you read this Uplifting Moment.

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