A focus on what matters most awakens your passion for life, a time for you to look within yourself for a deep, clear understanding of where you are now and how to bring what matters most into each day. To find what is truly essential to your personal fulfillment may take a different set of questions than you have asked, up until now. The heart of fulfillment is found in the discovery of what matters most to you. It does not live in the past or the future. It lives in the actions you take right now.

Here’s some practices to consider:

  •  Identify and nourish what matters most to you
  • Bring fulfillment into each day on the job and in your relationships
  • Manage the energy of crisis and stress to restore your natural balance
  • Speak in ways that generate agreement and instill confidence
  • Cultivate serenity, acceptance & resilience
  • Connect with people who are difficult for you
  • Start where you are and build on your strengths
  • Listen and engage your quiet mind
  • Replace reaction strategies with attention and awareness
  • Celebrate your mistakes
  • Transform your inner critic into an inner coach
  • Ignite your passion and energize your vision of a life worth living