Does Your Happiness Have A Shelf Life?

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Is this still fine? Pretty, young woman in her kitchen by the frI am in the popcorn business. Shelf life is important. We have space-age packaging that preserves the life of the popped corn. But open the bag and if you don’t reseal it, you lose the protective properties of the packaging, and expose the corn to outside conditions like moisture and air.

So we give you instructions on how to keep your popcorn fresh!

Because I’m a philosopher at heart, it struck me that most of us go in and out of happiness as if it had a shelf life. Do you have conditions that need to be met to be happy, like the shelf life of popcorn? Or can you be more unconditional in your approach.

How do you allow your happiness to be fresh and accessible each day?

Here’s what I’ve discovered about extending the “shelf life” of happiness to beyond the conditions of the day. It’s not that you won’t be unhappy from time to time, but it will be inside the awareness that happiness is your natural state.

Try these 6 practices:

  1. The 60-second rule: I give myself 60 seconds to get mad, react, be frustrated, blame myself or blame others, and then I get over it and take action if corrections are needed. I make the correction and look at what caused it so I can prevent whatever happened from happening again. Awareness itself is the teacher.
  2. Choice: I realize that happiness is a choice and if I’m not choosing it, I’m choosing something else. I recognize that when I’m choosing to be defensive I get mired in the situation. If I keep facing the same issue over and over, then something is missing that I need to confront. Awareness expands my ability to see beyond any condition.
  3. Focus on the big picture: When I lose my focus on why I’m doing what I’m doing then I can get lost in the details. I remind myself to be clear about my intention. Is it health, wealth, or happiness? My intention is health, wealth, AND happiness each day and every day.
  4. Gratitude: I remind myself to be grateful each day. Then I say out loud what I’m grateful for. Wow, so many things; family, friends, job, health, running, and prosperity. The ability to think, make discoveries, and have conversations with friends and family that expand my thinking and my heart. I’m grateful for an abundant life.
  5. Never give up: My grandchild Mia reminds me of what it is to have an indomitable spirit. You learn, you grow, and you don’t give up. Giving up says there is no more to learn or know. There is always more to know. That’s a comforting thought. Progress is impeded by thinking you already know everything. What if you could say on any subject that you only know what has been revealed so far? The rest … you don’t know … yet.
  6. Make plans: What haven’t you done that you want to do? Start now. Make a plan and do it.  The future is yours to consider what’s possible.

Happiness best by date? Infinite! Unlimited! Endless!

My love goes with you as you work with this Uplifting Idea.

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