Including Is The New Letting Go

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38920617_mI hear voices. Don’t worry. They’re not anyone else’s voice. They’re all mine!

These voices are part of the way I think and act.  Here are just a few.

An action voice: Decide. Make a choice. Fulfillment is in the action you take right now. Just do it!

A reflective voice: What do you see now? What can you learn? Pause before you make a choice and consider fulfillment for yourself and others.

An analytical voice: What happened? What are the facts? What’s possible?

A compassionate voice: Tell the truth with love. Appreciate what you have. Speak kind words. Let it go.

Then in the midst of a relaxing massage, when the therapist was gently working through some tight knots in my shoulders, a painful memory popped up in perfect rhythm with the manipulation and stretching movement of the therapist’s hands. My compassionate voice noticed and said, “Just let it go.” I breathed that message in and with a quiet exhalation relaxed more deeply.

Then overlaid on the reasonable guidance of my compassionate voice there was a profound whisper that there’s nothing to let go of. “All your experience and regrets are part of you. There’s nothing to let go of, only something to include.”

It was the strangest feeling. It left me healed of memories. There was nothing to get rid of, just a thread in the fabric of my life. To unravel that thread would leave a hole. I could weave the fabric back together, but it would leave a patch. Instead, I’ll leave the original, a little worn but perfectly fitting the evolving story of my life.

So perhaps the question to consider is not what you can let go of, but what you can include.

My love goes with you as you work with this Uplifting Moment.

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