One Key To Fulfillment

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LucyFootballI mediated a conflict the other day and dropped easily into a field of awareness that has come with 35 years of practice. I wasn’t there to solve the problem; I was there to allow balance in the relationships so solutions could emerge.

Someone noted how easy it was for me to see what was going on for people. For me there was only energy present and I could ride the energy like a wave and bring what was real present. It’s a practice born out of not being attached to a particular outcome and instead holding the highest good in mind.

A skill that seems easy to others often reveals a commitment to practice.

What can practice teach us about happiness?

Everything. Happiness is in the action you take right now, not the one you could have taken yesterday or the one you will take tomorrow. Right now brings you to this moment to discover what’s possible and take the appropriate action to make it so. When you do, you’ll notice you feel good. Just pause and consider how what you do now impacts your happiness.

I heard something that reminded me of this fact and it rang as true as a bell in perfect pitch. It was from an interview with Jerry Seinfeld who answered this question, “Why do you still perform?”

He said he didn’t want to get out of practice!

This simple key to a fulfilled life is not about living perfectly or doing things perfectly; it’s about never giving up the practice that makes you happy.

Years ago I listened to a master in the art of Kendo when he was asked how long it took him to become a master. With the whole group waiting for this important piece of information, he quietly said, “You mean how long did it take for me to realize that all there is, is practice.”

Before fulfillment, practice … after fulfillment, practice

We root for Charlie Brown to finally get the chance to kick that football even though we know the odds are against it.  He continues to practice. Something in me smiles every time he goes for it and every time Lucy pulls it away.

One of these days Lucy!

There are many benefits that come with practice, success, accomplishment, progress, strength, breakdowns, and experience. For me the most important benefit of practice is awareness. Awareness itself is the teacher.

My love goes with you as you work with this Uplifting Moment.

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