The Power Of Possibility

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businessman showing Possible concept.What is possibility thinking?

Consider that it’s the space between the question and the answer.

As soon as you settle on the answer possibility thinking is done.

One of the greatest challenges is staying in the realm of the possible long enough to sort through what you already know, think, and feel to finally gain access to the unknown.

This is an act of spiritual stamina. Why? Well if you’re like me you’re in a hurry to solve the problem that threw you into the land of what if, as if it’s prickly and cramped instead of spacious and expanded.

When I’m in a spin of thinking, I have to slow down.

And stay in possibility longer than I’m comfortable.

Recognizing that the level of thinking that got me where I am today, no matter how great, is not sufficient to take me where I want to go.

How will you recognize that you’re traveling the land of what if, and how will you know you’re asking the right questions? The eternal question, what do you want comes into play when you’re in possibility. Is it the big three? Health, wealth, and happiness as my Dad used to say?

How can you pause long enough to even consider what if? I do love our decision makers, problem solvers, and the just do it mentality. And that kind of thinking does work. It brings results and satisfaction.

But some problems aren’t really problems. They are the things you think about like the future, your vision of a life worth living, or a change that’s been needling you for a while.

The blessing inherent in the realm of the possible is you can come up with any idea and just keep looking. Not everyone is wired up for that kind of thinking. They immediately go to, “How will this work?” or it’s twin, “This will never work!” Both shoot down any journey into what’s possible faster than a speeding … well, you get the picture.

Here are seven questions that could get you to start an inner journey about what’s possible:

  1. What’s triggering your thoughts about change?
  2. What are the practicalities that might cause you to put that kind of thinking away for another day?
  3. Who would be startled into seeing you differently?
  4. Why do you want something new?
  5. What would be fun just to consider if there were no restrictions?
  6. What would you have to risk?
  7. What’s possible now if time was your friend?

I love having these conversations with my husband. We both get to see quickly what we’re attached to and don’t want to change! Then we nudge the conversation a little deeper into the realm of the possible, and it doesn’t take long for us to feel freer in the adventure like travelers entering an unexplored land.

Have fun with the questions, and don’t give up when attachment shows up. Use it to look deeper into what keeps the attachment in place. This is after all a journey into the unknown, and may take days or months or years to wake up and begin.

Direct experience of the unknown will open up your imagination. It takes you beyond thought to a new state of awareness and presence with the added benefit of providing a level of calm focus in times of change.

My love goes with you as you work with this Uplifting Moment

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