Unlocking The Creator Mind

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um-111511-emailBegin with a thought.

Let that thought represent an idea that did not exist before you imagined it… an idea that exists only in the realm of pure possibility.

Now consider the fact that this thought has no weight, is not visible to others, cannot be measured (except as an electrochemical process) and yet is as real to you, its owner, as any object in the universe… if (and this is the crucial point) if you believe in its future.

A glass is half full if you know there is more water to drink when you get thirsty again. If you believe the glass of water you are drinking now is the last available to you, all theory is thrown out the window. The future for the half empty person depends on hope to keep going. For the half full person, hope is not the driving force; it is the joy of knowing that the future is not only possible, it is also achievable.

Your newly created thought could become a great thought, a silly thought, an unrealistic thought, a revolutionary thought, or a life altering thought. If it is to continue, though, it needs to make the leap from thought into action. A thought without action disappears like the morning fog. With action, a thought can find roots, be nourished, and have a life.

Here are a few suggestions for unlocking your creator mind.

  1. Think On What Matters Most – On average we think about 15,000 thoughts per day, deeper thinkers maybe 50,000. Most of those thoughts are recycled memories. Choose what you think about. What do you value most? Think about that.
  2. Give Your Thoughts A Voice – Creativity needs an outlet. So do thoughts. Find at least one person who listens to you, even if they disagree, and especially if they add new thoughts to the mix. The creative process is sometimes unsettling, or even scary, yet it is also what makes you feel alive.
  3. Think New Thoughts – Challenge yourself to think in new ways about your aspirations, and any problems that persist over time. If you can think of one or two solutions, create three, four, or five more. If you run out of ideas, ask someone you trust what they think.
  4. Turn Your Best Ideas Into Actions – Not every idea makes it to the finish line. You can improve your game though by acting courageously on your best ideas. The secret is to see the finish line first, and then move towards it.
  5. Give Your Thoughts A Rest – Thinking too much can make you tired and cranky. A daily practice of no-thought, otherwise known as meditation, cleanses the mind and opens the channels of creativity. A simple method is to bring your attention to the moment you’re in, without assessing, comparing, or analyzing. Just be with it.

It’s important to remember that the creative process never repeats itself—snowflakes and fingerprints being just two examples. This means that no moment is completely like any other (even though we often pretend that it is), nor can any moment be held onto for long.

The womb of creation is infinite in what can be created. Wireless communication, air and space travel, and a host of other inventions now commonplace, were once considered impossible, and what is impossible today will someday be real. This is good news because it means that the materials you need to create your masterpiece are right here.

This is a guest post from Michael Davis

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